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Spring in Livigno

Spring in Livigno

Spring in Livigno is Winter saying goodbye. The first and few shy flowers that defy the last frosts, like courageous Snowdrops that often show up from small snowdrifts. Add the silence along the river the experience becomes unmissable. Skiing in t-shirt. This is the time when you experience three seasons in one. Early in the morning it is still winter late but during the day the temperatures allow summer sunbathing. Something to try!

Trekking primavera 2
Trekking primavera 1
Trekking primavera

Shining snow

The spring snow is sparkling! The ice crystals that resist the increasingly present sun create a glittering effect, impossible to ski without sunglasses. And the tan is guaranteed.

Spring skiing

The river against the current

The Spol river, formerly Aqua Granda, flows along the entire Livigno Valley. This fascinating stream offers a unique experience for nature lovers. Along its course it is possible to walk on a street pedestrian area and enjoy the spring tranquility. Small curiosity: the Spol goes a long way through the Inn river reaches the Danube.

Passeggiate sul fiume

“Semeda” at dawn

At night the temperatures are still below freezing, during the day it is much warmer and this starts it snow melting even at high altitudes. When the action of the sun abruptly stops at sunset, the snow at high altitude freezes quickly. This creates a crust on the surface of the snow. This is the time to experience the "Semeda": you can reach the areas with mountaineering skis practicable in safety and by going down you "glide" over the frozen but fragile layer in speed.

Sci alpinismo Valandrea 50

Walks in the woods near the valley bottom

In Spring the woods begin to reveal their colors under the white spring snow. Paths close to the valley show up and you can enjoy them easilly with trekking boots, even if the snowshoes could be usefull for the snowy passages.

Passeggiate nei boschi

Running along the river

In Livigno the cycle-pedestrian path that runs along the river crossing the entire town allows for routes in safety for the most trained runners, but also for the beginners.

Passeggiate sul fiume

An open-air scenario

More and more professional athletes are choosing Livigno for the altitude training which guarantees better performance. But even those who practice sports for the simple pleasure will enjoy of the open air gym.

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